Engaging with the Local Community

From stimulating the economy to protecting the area’s natural resources, we believe that good community relations are as necessary for our business success as the effective engagement of our operations. We engage openly and transparently with the local community and our stakeholders and offer support by developing meaningful relationships with local organizations and residents. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the communities in which we work and live. Upon the conclusion of Eagle, it won’t matter how much ore we hauled or processed – what matters is that we leave the Upper Peninsula in a better social and economic state than when we started.

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Public Tours

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the nation’s only primary nickel mine! Mine and mill tours are FREE to the public and available from June through October. Reservation is required and you must be 18 years or older to participate.

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Community Contributions

We actively participate with local organizations and support projects that promote long term mutual benefits to the communities where we work. Areas of focus include human development, public education, environment, and arts and culture. When selecting projects, we give preference to organizations working towards solutions that will benefit the community as a whole. To request corporate funds from Eagle, please read our Community Assistance Guidelines and submit an Online Contribution Request Form. For more information, please contact

Online Contribution Request Form

Community Scorecard

At Eagle, we want to build community trust and confidence in our ability to operate and close a world class mine in the Upper Peninsula (UP). The Eagle Mine Community Scorecard allows community members to rate our performance in five areas which they said are important to them. Those five areas are: environmental performance, local hire, safety, communication and engagement, and community development. Scorecard data is published in local newspapers and posted on our website. To our knowledge no other mining company has introduced a tool that allows the community to regularly rate their performance, which is then made public. We hope with the Eagle Mine Community Scorecard, the UP continues to set new benchmarks in how modern mining works with communities. With this open and honest approach, we look forward to feedback that continuously improves the way that we operate.

Economic Impact

At Eagle Mine, we work to combat the boom and bust cycle of mining. We want to deliver value to our shareholders as well as leave positive impact on the community for many generations.

The Lundin Foundation, Eagle Mine and Northern Initiatives partnered to create a new program to benefit area entrepreneurs. The Eagle Emerging Entrepreneur Fund (Fund) is an innovative partnership with the objective to enhance the accessibility and affordability of loans and technical assistance to micro- and small enterprises in Marquette County. The Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund launched in 2013 and is managed by Northern Initiatives, which is responsible for assessing and approving loans.

Accelerate U.P. (AUP) is a grass roots community project which offers free and confidential business coaching within Marquette County to promote entrepreneurial success. We believe the future of every community lies in capturing the talent, energy and imagination of its people. AUP launched in 2013 to address the boom and bust cycle that is typical of mining. The ultimate goal is to create as many jobs outside of the mining industry as we create in the industry.

The Marquette Alger Technical Middle College (MATMC) is a public tuition-free, early college program which offers an integrated high school and college program for students. MATMC enables students from throughput Marquette and Alger counties to earn a high school diploma, a significant number of college credits and a Technical Certificate from NMU at no cost to the student or their families. This program, created by the partnering of Eagle Mine, Marquette-Alger RESA, local school districts and Northern Michigan University, will increase the technical skills that are currently in demand in Marquette County and create jobs for local people.